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NYCC JSNA Annual Update 2016

The aim of this document is to provide an annual update and identification of new areas of need across North Yorkshire and the Clinical Commissioning Group localities. The annual update does not provide the fine detail behind needs in the population but it does point local partners to where further investigation and deeper explorations are required. The annual update highlights indicators where North Yorkshire could improve relative to the national average in the NHS Outcomes Framework, the Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework, the Public Health Outcomes Framework and other key profiles.

Detailed topic and district summaries for North Yorkshire are available from the North Yorkshire Partnerships website. Recent needs assessments done by Public Health are also available; along with recent JSNA sub editorial lead needs assessments. The list of links to these documents is in Appendix 1.

The documents can be viewed below or at the following link;

Previous versions of the annual updates can be found at the link below;

Craven District

Hambleton District

Harrogate District

Richmondshire District

Ryedale District

Scarborough District

Selby District