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This profile looks at the population structure of North Yorkshire and life expectancy.

Population Pyramid

The population pyramid shows that, overall, North Yorkshire has an older population than both Yorkshire and the Humber region and England, with more residents aged 50-84, and fewer aged under 45. There are noticeably fewer people aged 20-44 in North Yorkshire compared to both regional and national demographics. The shape of the pyramid is typical of a population with long life expectancy and low birth rate.

Life expectancy at birth

Historically, life expectancy at birth has been increasing in England, but this has plateaued in recent years. In North Yorkshire, life expectancy is 81 years for males and 84 for females. For both sexes, this is higher compared to both Yorkshire and the Humber (79 for males and 82 for females) and England (80 for males and 83 for females) in 2015-17.