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This profile looks at smoking prevalence in adults and alcohol consumption.

Smoking Prevalence

In Smoking prevalence for adult in North Yorkshire (12.7%) is significantly lower than England (14.7%) in 2018. All districts in North Yorkshire have smoking rates that are similar to England, except for Selby (6.8%) which is significantly lower than England.

Smoking in routine and manual occupations

For adults in routine and manual professions, smoking prevalence in North Yorkshire (25.1%) is similar to England (25.4%) in 2018. Craven district has the highest rates of smoking in the routine and manual professions in the county, with 38% reporting being current smokers.

Smoking status at time of delivery

Maternal smoking during pregnancy is known to be detrimental for both the health of the mother and baby. In North Yorkshire, maternal smoking is currently estimated to be around 12% which is significantly higher than the England prevalence of 10.8%, but is lower than the prevalence seen in Yorkshire and the Humber in 2017/18. There are differences between the districts, with Richmondshire having the lowest rate (9.7%) in the county. Ryedale (14.6%) and Scarborough (15.7%) both have rates that are significantly higher than the England rate.

This profile looks at hospital admissions for alcohol related and alcohol specific conditions.

Alcohol related conditions

Alcohol misuse can be a contributing factor in many diseases and conditions, including poor mental health. Implementing appropriate local interventions ensures we reduce misuse and harm associated with alcohol in our communities.

For persons admitted for alcohol-related conditions, the North Yorkshire rate (2,028 per 100,000) is significantly lower than England (2,224). Craven (2,441 per 100,000) is the only district with a rate significantly higher than England. Scarborough (2,152 per 100,000) has a similar rate to England and all other districts have rates significantly lower than England. Further information on the 20142019 North Yorkshire Alcohol Strategy can be found on North Yorkshire Partnership website via the following link http://

Alcohol specific conditions

The rate of hospital admissions for alcohol-specific conditions in North Yorkshire (493 per 100,000 population) is significantly lower than England, (570 per 100,000 population). Craven (706) and Scarborough (655) are the only districts with rates significantly higher than England. If we compare admissions for alcohol-specific conditions to admissions for alcohol-related conditions, this shows that most alcohol-related harm is due to prolonged use, manifesting in a wide range of health problems.