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Road Collisions and Casualties in North Yorkshire and York

The Data and Intelligence Team have created a dashboard that presents statistics on personal injury collisions and casualties on public roads (including footways).

It is based on 'Stats 19' forms, which are completed by police officers investigating collisions. These forms compile detailed data on individual personal injury road collisions, covering the circumstances of the collision, the casualties and the vehicles involved.

The resulting data is provided to local authorities and to the Department for Transport for their further analysis and to inform their management of the highways for which they are responsible. Only incidents resulting in injury are enumerated, “Damage Only” crashes are not included within this analysis. These “Damage Only” collisions do not have to be reported to the police and we are, therefore, unable to assess whether all, some or very few such collisions are reported. This could significantly slant analysis and subsequent actions, which is why they are not included. Incidents that are not reported to the Police, or only reported thirty days or more after they took place, are also excluded.

Figures for road deaths reflect the legal definition of a person who sustained injuries which caused their death at the time or within 30 days of the collision.

You can view (and use) the dashboard below. Click the arrows in the bottom right corner to enter Full Screen Mode.

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