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FloodHack 19

Recently North Yorkshire County Council's Technology and Change department ran its first hack. What’s a hack you say? Well it’s become one of those things that I’ve spent a lot of time explaining to a lot of people over the past 6 weeks, and I still haven’t nailed it, but here goes. A hack, hackday or hackathon is basically an event that …

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Payment Performance Statistics

In accordance with the public Contracts Regulations 2015 regulation 113(7), North Yorkshire County Council publishes statistics showing how far the authority has complied with its obligations under this regulation to make payments within 30 days.

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payment performance statistics

Road Collisions and Casualties in North Yorkshire and York

The Data and Intelligence Team have created a dashboard that presents statistics on personal injury collisions and casualties on public roads (including footways).

It is based on 'Stats 19' forms, which are completed by police officers investigating collisions. These forms compile detailed data on individual personal injury road collisio…

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The 2019 Annual Report of the Director of Public Health has been released

In 1942, the government published a landmark document that became known as the Beveridge Report. It set out proposals for widespread reforms to tackle society’s ‘five giant evils’ – want, disease, ignorance, idleness and squalor – through a new system of social welfare. These proposals led to the creation of the welfare state.

Taking the…

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Public Health 2019 Annual Report

Power BI Help Guide

Power BI is a tool used by NYCC to visualise data and share important insights. Below are a series of frequently asked questions and answers.

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What are Tooltips?

Tooltips are effectivel…

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