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NYCC JSNA Annual Update 2016

The aim of this document is to provide an annual update and identification of new areas of need across North Yorkshire and the Clinical Commissioning Group localities. The annual update does not provide the fine detail behind needs in the population but it does point local partners to where further investigation and deeper explorations ar…

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CCG Cancer Profiles

The Clinical Commissioning Groups that cover North Yorkshire have produced some Cancer profiles for each of their respective areas. These profiles cover data on incidence, mortality rates, survival, screening, diagnosis and staging.The profiles compare each CCG area with how it is performing in comparison to England and the best/worse CCG…

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Gypsy and Irish Traveller Report 2016

The Census included ‘Gypsy or Irish Traveller’ as a specific ethnic group for the first time in 2011. In North Yorkshire 588 people were identified in this ethnic group by the 2011 Census, with the largest numbers in the districts of Selby (158 people), Hambleton (132 people) and Harrogate (107 people) and with smaller communities across …

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North Yorkshire Alcohol Strategy 2016

The North Yorkshire Alcohol Strategy describes the problem, builds the case for action and sets out our 5-year vision. It outlines what is needed at strategic level to counter the impacts, and describes how we would measure success

Big issues

What is the picture in North Yorkshire?

The North Yorkshire Alcohol Health Needs Asse…

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Road Safety in North Yorkshire

North Yorkshire County Council as Highways and partner within the 95 Alive partnership has a statutory duty under the Road Traffic Act 1988 to analyse privatised personal injury collision information. This information is regularly supplied to North Yorkshire County Council by North Yorkshire Police and is then used to inform a number of c…

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